We have Over 5 years of experience

Our Mission

OIKOTECHNO JAPAN is a thriving international IT company located in Tokyo, Japan. Since our establishment in August 2018, we have experienced fast growth thanks to client satisfaction. We currently partner with 30 companies in Japan and overseas.

To provide cost competitive IT services at a level of client-satisfaction that leads to long-term partnerships.

In an extremely competitive IT market, every client has many options, so our success depends on the quality of our work. We must satisfy our clients in a way that makes us their first choice for each new opportunity.

Main features:

IT Networking

IT Helpdesk

Software Development

Data Processing

On-Demand Services

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IT Helpdesk

A helpdesk provider succeeds based on how well the service can be provided, and this depends on how well the communications system is set up. We understand the state-of-the-art of making remote helpdesk engineers available 24/7/365.


Onsite Services: Yes

Remote Access: Yes

24/7 Availability: Yes

Success Rate: 99%

IT Networking

Clients in Japan require robust networking solutions more than ever as more and more people and devices require connection online anywhere, any time. Contact us for solutions that support gaming, streaming video, surveillance, foot-traffic analysis, and more.


Data Bandwidth: Unlimited

Network Load: Enterprise

Error Rate: None

Dedicated resources: No

Data Processing

Whether you have a static large volume of data all in one place or a continuous stream of data from multiple sources, Oikotechno can provide the system that turns that data into knowledge, insight, and action, from point of entry, to storage, to analysis and customized outputs.


Threshold: Relative Height

Integration: Monitoring Peaks

Baseline: Peak Start / End

Dedicated resources: No

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IT Engineering Excellence

It’s our priority to serve the industry with the best possible services at the cheapest prices. Our conceptual and creative work is already rocking the industry and we provide you with the best possible technical services at affordable prices and economical packages in Japan.

Professional Services

We entertain corporates, small and large scale businesses and achieving success in almost all professions including IT Networking, Data Processing, It HelpDesk, and On-Demand Service.