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Automation is the new frontier of cost savings and enterprise efficiency. Using machine learning solutions from Autoinelli, Oikotechno can automate your IT processes to maximize the efficiency and resiliency of your infrastructure, bringing your IT resources to the next level of high performance.

1Problem: Multiple IT monitoring tools that do not integrate with one another
Solution: Consolidate your IT monitoring tools into a single dashboard
2Product: Thousands of predictable and identical alerts
Solution: Automate responses to common alerts
3Problem: Repetitive and costly manual labor
Solution: Reduce the cost of labor for repetitive activities
4Problem: Expensive on-site labor for extremely simple troubleshooting and restarts
Solution: Eliminate manual restarts and reduce on-site troubleshooting


Autointelli is an operations analysis platform that creates and controls Virtual Automation engineers to perform end-to-end operational processes across all IT stacks servers, mainframes, storage, networks, helpdesks, and applications.

Automated analysis of event data from all tools for reliable understanding of system health and performance Faster, more accurate root cause analysis RPredictive insights informed by all system components

Autointelli One View

Monitor, manage and automate in single screen

Autoheal issues with Virtual Bots

Automatic resolution of tickets

Smart Alerting

Gather telemetry data across the IT stack

Dynamic baselining and thresholding. Alert based on anomalies

Business Analytics

Visualize infrastructure insights

See meaningful information

Create your own dashboards

Business Process Orchestration

Self service automation portal

Automate your tasks through drag and drop reusable workflows

Multi-language support

Discovery and Inventory

Autodiscover your infrastructure

Get downloadable infrastructure inventory

Increase productivity & reduce manual work

Save time & cost and increase focus on higher value tasks

Increase speed and accuracy while reducting errors

Add scalable and auditable bots to your IT management