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Oikotechno is on call for a growing number of projects in Japan and around the world. We have needs for both short term and long term, billed hourly or on a milestone basis. Some require your skills on-site, and other tasks can be completed remotely from your home or office.

Oikotechno is proud to offer better rates thanks to our low overhead and efficient operations. If any of the project descriptions below match the skills you have, please get in touch with us and tell us a little about your technical background.


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Flexible work hours

Work globally

On the job training

Certification opportunities

Flat hierarchy environment

Open Positions

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  • Windows / Mac Desktop Support Generalist

    Resolve various processes and issues that come up day-to-day.

  • Voice & Data Network Engineer

    Seeking experience with Cisco, MRTG, HP Open View, Prognosis, etc.

  • Senior Voice & Data Network Engineer

    Experience with VoIP, Call Manager, Unity, IPCC, etc.

  • Ruby on Rails Developer

    Familiarity with RSpec, Resque, MVC, Mocking, ORM, RESTful, etc.